by LAURIE on JANUARY 9, 2010

Today, I received the email below from an online “guru” …


The subject was: “9 Year Old Girl EXPOSES “Big” Internet Marketers”

and then it proceeded to insult me as follows – typos included:

“ Most marketers just aren’t that smart, and this little girl
proves it
Watch this video now…”

Click below to watch the video
(video removed)

I am sooooo sick of grown men and women that have
been tire kicking tires in the IM space for a year, 2, 3 or
even more and STILL making excuses instead of money

What the heck. What scares your so darn much?

Is the IM business hard? No, A child can do it
Do you need experience?  Not past 4th grade
Do you need a big list? Nobody starts with one!

So what’s the secret…

You just need the GUTS of this 9 year old girl
to take action. That’s it!

Watch this video to see what I’m talking about

(video here)
It’s 2010 – open your eyes…

– (name removed to protect myself from another asshole)

P.S. If your still sitting on your hands after this
video you should really look in the mirror and ask
why your making so many excuses.


Quite frankly, I get these moronic messages every day from online marketers, especially the gurus in the “syndicate,” spreading the love and pimping each other’s stuff to the point where it’s almost comical.  But this one really pissed me off.  Did I watch it?  Yes.  Why?  Not because I thought that this guy had anything of merit to say, but because I wanted to see just how low he would go.

First of all (and this is a key point so I am not just picking on semantics), this girl was 12, so obviously he did not even watch the video himself before sending it out to the masses – what a shocker…he didn’t even take the time to view something that he was promoting and making money on… hmmmm.  And second, she happens to be the daughter of a guy who makes millions online – but I’m SURE daddy had nothing to do with her success.  Please.

Are you wondering what my point is then?

My point is that I am more than insulted.  And here’s why…

I have been online for quite a few years now, and I’ve coached and consulted with people who were said to be “the best”, just like the guy who sent this email, and his buddy who stutters his way through it.  Let me give you a little rundown of what I’ve learned, and a few tidbits I’ve picked up along the way…

First and foremost, I learned that “you never give the whole story of what you’re selling, because you want your buyers coming back for more”.  This little slice of Heaven came from a “guru” and his band of buddies at a conference I attended as they sat and discussed their agenda for the day over breakfast, not knowing that I was sitting right behind them (not so smart since I coached with the guy, but then again they are more in their own little worlds than not.)

I learned to make up testimonials and “reviews” of products, because who’s going to know anyway?

I learned that, as a service provider, it didn’t matter if my work brought results for my clients, as long as I got the money up front.  And I learned to give the best information up front in a “launch” so after your prospect sees it he thinks the package you’re selling him is actually WORTH $3000.00.

I learned that if I have something to sell, leave the most critical piece of info out, or the smallest details that make it actually work, so that my buyer feels like he “missed something” and has to coach with me or join my “mastermind” group… And here’s the kicker.  This past summer I bought a “package” for almost 3 grand, and when I wrote to “Support” to get that last little detail because I realized it was not there, “Support” told me they were “not allowed to tell me that.”  But, I got a call 2 days later to see if I wanted to coach with the guru for $5K /month.  What a co-in-ky-dink.

Bottom line — I learned that it’s all about the money.

But guess what?  All these lessons from the “gurus” came from money well spent because all of the lies and garbage brought out the best in me.  And I know by listening to them what I will never be – and that I am honest, and ethical, and the FTC rulings didn’t bother me at all, because I tell the truth anyway.  And that you don’t have to play dirty or use sneaky “tactics” to make money online unless you CHOOSE to.  And I don’t.

I realized I’ve had so much smoke blown up my ass by gurus I could start the next Homecoming bonfire at the local High School,  just by standing on the football field next to the pile of wood.

So — Mr. Big – No, I’m not an idiot.   No, I’m not a whiner, and I certainly don’t make excuses.  As far as you and your little band of friends is concerned, I just got tired of drinking the Kool-Aid.  (And no, that is not a reference to a 9 year old’s beverage — if you don’t understand it, Google ‘Jonestown Massacre’, DB.)

In Truth,