I’ve always had the kind of twisted mind that can figure things out. Sometimes when they’ve just begun, but most of the time when they’re not supposed to be. (At least, not yet.) Mysteries… whodunnits… who shot the Sheriff… (’cause we know it’s not the Deputy…)  In fact, I remember once, before we tied the proverbial knot, my husband and I went to a Murder Mystery weekend at the beach. Somewhere in Maryland, I think.  It was a great time, but I had the mystery solved before we started dinner.  All he could do was laugh because he knew it was coming.  He knows me too well.

The characters in the play were mingling, each pretending they were one of the dinner crowd. We sat with one of them, just at random, and I decided before the appies, he was a performer. So, I proceeded to ask him just the right questions. When I told him who got bumped off before the performance started, he just looked at me and walked away a sad, sad man.  Of course, during the course of the weekend, Bill and I both thought it was far too easy, so we went about trying to decide where I went wrong with my stellar detective skills… There was a great prize for the winners–the super sleuths–and we didn’t want to screw it up.  Turns out, I was right from the get-go, but guessed someone else was the slayer in the end because it was just too darn easy.  Just threw my hat out of the winner’s circle at the last second, I did. Bummer.

Given my way of thinking, it wasn’t surprising that I landed on the genre to write that I did.  I love to read books that I can’t figure out from Chapter One.  Or Two.  Or Three… And that’s what I like to write.  One of my fave authors is Gillian Flynn.  The first book I read of hers was Gone Girl, which totally threw me for a loop half way through…  And then I was hooked. If I grab one of her books I know it’s going to be a marathon so I’ll need a very errand/writing/being a mom-free day, or I’ll have to pull an all nighter (and I don’t like those much.)

My bestie Kelley, who recommended Gillian and the Girl to begin with called me one day and told me I was so twisted I could have definitely written that one, which of course, I took as the highest compliment one could ever give… I think.  The truth is, I can only aspire to write like her, and can only hope that one day I can put a twist in one of my books that will knock your socks off too.  😉

So, I hope you like what you see.  I say that because someone told me once I write like a movie–like you can picture it all in your mind as you go along.  I thought that was kind of cool because that’s how I actually do it.  I write what I see in my head.  Does that make me more twisted? Dunno.  I guess you’ll have to decide after (or while) you’re reading one of my books.

Either way, nice to meet you and I hope you enjoy what I do.  Because I do. (And nothing makes me happier than seeing other people happy.)

So, that’s it for now… Just wanted to give you a little taste of what I’m all about.  I’m always open to comments, suggestions, constructive criticism, requests… So if you have any, just drop me a line. I’ll leave the light on for ya.  And y’all come back now, y’hear?