by LAURIE on JUNE 21, 2010

To the Universe. This should about cover it…

As I sit here, feeling no bliss, I’m tired of being in my head and wondering what will happen and which way to turn. I trust that I don’t have all the answers. I know not what is in store for me, and  can’t dwell on matters that will get me nowhere. Give me a sign. Show me what to do, where to go from here, and I will trust it and follow. I surrender.

To my friends, some of whom love to hate me: I have no obligation to make you happy, say the right thing, or follow you against my better judgment. If that’s what you need, to belittle, degrade, make fun, just to make yourself feel better, go befriend someone else. I don’t want to play with you anymore. I surrender.

To my family, and my family-in-law: You have no right to judge me. I didn’t choose you, as I would choose a friend. I was born into you, or married you. Don’t make the assumption that it gives you the right to tell me what to do, no matter the situation. I will listen with one ear, and then go and do my own thing. We breathe the same air. Sometimes that’s about it. I surrender.

To Max: I realize you are a living, breathing, feeling being. I can no more tell you when to eat or pee than I can order the grass to grow. But, please, keep your big white furry butt off my red bedspread and we’ll get along just fine. I surrender.

To my publisher: Please, be nice. Together we can help so many. I have no right to demand an advance on a deal, but please, make it a good one. Thank you. I surrender.

And to my Facebook friends: I am not obligated to join your fan page or like what you say. If you want me to like what you say, say something I like. I surrender.

Please, Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.

I surrender.


In Love and Peace,


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