by LAURIE on MAY 11, 2010

“You get your house back
You get your dog back
You get your best friend Jack back
You get your truck back
You get your hair back
Ya get your first and second wives back
Your front porch swing
Your pretty little thing
Your bling bling bling and a diamond ring
Your get your farm and the barn and the boat and the Harley
First night in jail with Charlie
Sounds a little crazy, a little scattered and absurd
But that’s what you get when you play a country song backward…”
~  Rascal Flatts  ~

I’m not a big country girl, but that song kills me every time I hear it.  I’ve been singing it in my head for the past couple of days, saying Damn! –  if I could just play last week backwards I’d be all set!   Getting some time back that I spent worrying over things I had no control over – that would work!  But unfortunately, that’s not the case.

Last week was not an easy one… but that’s ok.  With kids, it’s always something, so I’ve learned to adjust in some respect.  But this one was a bit more emotionally charged than just finding softball gloves and soccer balls at the last minute.

Little rundown here… I watched my niece cry as the guy who took the life of the man she would have married was sentenced to 2nd degree murder (a drug felon to boot – may he rot in Hell).  One of my best friendships was put to the trust test and lost, and I was facing a whole day with my sister, whom I rarely speak to on purpose (we’ll save that story for another day)… The whole week was so – not right — I was exhausted and had done absolutely nothing.  And I mean NOTHING.  (Except shop, my therapy of choice.)

As I sat on Sunday, in the only bit of silence that I could steal, I thought back on the week prior and realized that I was so involved in my personal life that I totally blew off my business…  I totally blew off the whole other half of my life because I was so wrapped up in things I couldn’t change, even if I wanted to.  These happenings could not be changed by anything I could DO, yet I had put such an emphasis on them they paralyzed me…. (No idea how I can put that yet another way and say it again…)

So what’s my point?
 I know you’re waiting…

If I was not self employed, I would have had to go to work.  No employer would have put up with me doing a bit of therapy shopping (for three days.)  Hence, I would have been fired and made no money.  The way it is… I should have fired me.  Period.  But I can’t.  If I walk away, I’ll also make no money.  The moral of the story?  Whatever is going on, if you’re self-employed, you HAVE TO SHOW UP, no matter what’s going on in your real life.  I had deadlines that were not met, a manuscript that’s not done, and a whole lot of nothin’ to show for 3 days of non-work.  And I can’t get that time back, no matter how many times I giggle at that silly song.  That’s my point.  (Ok — for you hard asses who are saying that’s why you have your own business, so you can live life on your own time… Am I able to take days off whenever I want?  Pretty much – but not when I need to keep the wheels greased.)

So, let’s not beat the dead dog you didn’t get back, (did you get that reference to the song? Pretty slick.) and hope you understand what I’m saying.  It’s YOUR business.  Keep your head in the game and do it.  No matter what.

This week I learned an invaluable lesson in business and life from Rascal Flatts that was so compeeling I felt the need to share it with you… Who’d’ve thought?

Now go get back to work!

Peace and all that happy crappy,


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