Honey, I’m Home…

Yes, I took quite a sabbatical. And yes, I missed you so very, very much. That may sound a bit facetious, but the truth is… drum roll please… I did. Not a day went by when I didn’t miss writing, or you reading me. It just took longer than a little while to actually do it instead of just thinking about it and writing in my little noggin. So, here I am, back in the saddle.  Lucky you. 😉  So here we go……

Today is the first day of the rest of my life…  ha ha ha… I’ll spare you that.  Actually, I’m just stopping in for a second, short one here, to tell you that I’m back. I’m home. I’m once again comfortable in my own skin. And I can’t wait to get all of these things I’ve written in my head for the past months (years) out on virtual paper. If you want to know why someone who loves to do something so much could stop even for a minute, let alone years, you can keep going… If you don’t, you should probably click off here. Just sayin…

As I said, this will be a short one.  I’m not always so short winded, so just go with it and let me tell you what happened for me to leave you for such a long, long time.  I’ll go into more detail as time goes on and I get my bearings.  Pinky promise. But for now, I’ll just give you the basics.

I started this blog many moons ago.  Some of you have read me before.  Maybe you haven’t. It began because I had my own business, online, and I got a jackass email from an online self-proclaimed “guru” who wanted to tell me a thing or two about online marketing, and how to screw people out of their hard-earned money. It really kind of pissed me off because I was one of the people he was trying to jack. And that day was born my blog, “Laurie Wajda Unplugged.”  It was quite fun, actually.  I blogged when I had something to say (which was rather often.) Back then, I was never at a loss for words. I didn’t promote anything. I didn’t sell anything. I didn’t even do AdWords, Goodle Ads, any kind of ads. I was just me. And people liked it. Will you? Dunno.

Really, it was more about business and life in general.  Rants, if you will.  But I always had a point.  If you didn’t understand the point — not my problem. But indeed, a point there was.

If you know me well, or at all, you know I had a series of unfortunate events that pretty much stole my life as I knew it. First, my ex-boyfriend, used to be my best friend, died, the same month as my childhood neighbor, my pseudo-dad.  If it wasn’t enough to grieve two people at once, seven months later, my father passed, very suddenly, 25 days from finding out he had cancer.  Three months later, my sister passed as well, breast cancer.  My mother stopped walking, so I moved in with her and left my own four children to care for her.  Four months later my husband lost his job of 20+ years, with my first leaving for college in months… and then she left. And then a little blonde whore next door moved in for the kill and started following my husband around, and he let her, which led to talk of divorce and yada yada yada… And that was the straw that broke the proverbial camel’s back. Too much for any one person to endure. My own little version of PTSD. I know, because I was there, stuck right in the middle of the muck. It was at that point I’d had enough and could lose no more, and started pushing even the people I loved away so I didn’t have to deal with any more emotions, if anything else should come down the pike.

I mention all of this because during this time, I lost my blog.  WordPress ate it.  I had soooo much on my plate, I let it get sucked into the black hole called the Internet. It was the least of my worries, so I didn’t chase it.  But as time went on, years even, I started making a comeback to what was left of my life, and I missed it. I’d started writing books before it all went down, but it wasn’t enough (actually killed off the blonde bimbo in the first of my series.)  There’s a Sydney (Rogers, from Hyde Park, NY, if you’re wondering) in just about every book. Honestly, the bitch doesn’t bother me anymore, I’m over it.  But if she’d just apologized, just said I’m sorry I chased your husband around and called incessantly, sent notes home with your 9 year old son during the worst possible time of your life and I’m sorry — I wouldn’t have to bring her name up. Ever. It’s that simple.

Here today, and for the past few months, I’ve resurrected my old blog using a little tool called the Way Back Machine (see kids, everything you do online DOES stay there forever,) and here I am in all my glory.

If you continue to read, and I expect some won’t, (but that’s ok, I’m not as sensitive as some think I am,) you’ll find old blog posts with their original times and dates, and new blog posts from whenever I feel like writing them. Most of them stem from an experience, or are sparked from something I’ve done or overheard during any particular, or maybe no particular, day. Some of the old posts still pertain.  Some do not. It’s a crap shoot and you can pick and choose (Eeney, Meeney, Miney, if you will) what you do or do not want to read.  (Spoiler alert: Some of it’s not pretty. Too bad, so sad, click off. I won’t care.) Sometimes I’m abrasive, sometimes I’m funny, and sometimes I’m not. Sometimes I just think I am… This is not your grandma’s blog.  LOL. Some of you will love me.  Some of you will hate me.  Some already do.

You can also reach my book site from here, right at the top of the page. I asked a few people when I thought of connecting the two… should I do it?  The two are so different:  One professional, this one, not so much.  I can be a bit cheeky at times.  My responses were mixed.  So I was left with quite a conundrum. But after a (painfully long) dance with deliberation, it’s a chance I’m going to take. My thought process, as follows:

Love me or not, I just want you to know me for who I am: An open book, so to speak. Pun intended.  Books, no books, I’m transparent. Anyone that (really) knows me will tell you that.  I don’t play games, I don’t have time for gossipy bullshit, and I won’t tell you I like your outfit if I don’t. I’m the person who will tell you you have spinach in your teeth after lunch. That’s just who I am.  And for some reason, I feel I have to join the two.  And that’s the only plug you’re gonna get.

So now, I’m driving this one home, folks….  In life and in business, which is writing for me, I’m WYSIWYG.  Here, in my books, and in life… What You See Is What You Get.  To combine the two is natural for me. Might not be so natural for you, and that’s ok. But to make my reasoning perfectly clear, there’s nothing I like less in this life than a phony.  Nothing.  I don’t want to be labeled as one.  Even from someone on the far side of the Earth whom I may never lay eyes upon. I just want to lay it all out there and let you decide:  To read both or not to read both.  That is the question.

With that, I give to you Laurie Wajda Unplugged, where I give you me, and only me, for better or for worse.  For richer, for poorer, in death do we part. Take me or leave me, I won’t care.  And then, I give you my author blog, www.lawajdabooks.com where I’ll tell you what books are coming, when, and why you should read them. Read one, read both, take part in neither. Your choice. Either way, no way, it’s good to be back.

And with that,

Peace and warm puppies,

Laurie  xoxo